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How to measure carpets for stairs

You must have probably had this problem before or even had a friend face it before. Either way, you cannot deny the need to get yourself familiar with how exactly you can go about getting yourself a staircase carpet. In this article, I will take you through taking the required measurement, how to choose a carpet the possible problems to expect with carpets.

Taking measurements of the staircase

Before you go carpet shipping you need to first ensure you have the precise measurements of the staircase. Otherwise it would be like purchasing clothing without measurements. The following are some of the ways to go about the whole exercise:

Measuring the rise

The rise is the top part of the staircase where you place your foot when ascending or descending the stairs. Take a tape measure and place it at the deepest area of the rise and stretch the tape to take the measurement.

Measuring the fall of the steps

The fall on the other hand is the other part the joins the steps. To measure the fall you go about the same way as you did with the rise. You should be recording the measurements the whole time you take a measurements.

Combining the measurements

Once you’ve made the measurements of the rise and the step, you need to add the measurements to get a combined value. Once you have done this, you can now jointly combine the sum of all these measurements and get to know the length of your carpet. The length should also include the measurement of the first and the last step that might be quite different in size and also your preference of where exactly you want your carpet to reach on the floor.

Measuring the width of the staircase

Once you have the length you can now embark on getting the measurement of the staircase. To get this you need to measure the length of the broadest step on the staircase. To ensure you don’t have any errors in your measurement you can measure several steps and choose the largest variation. In other cases, you might be into getting a carpet that does not necessarily touch the edges of the staircase. In this case, you will need to get a measurement that you desire for your design.

Factors to consider when choosing an appropriate staircase

Once you have the measure you can definitely proceed to buy a carpet for your staircase. However, there are other factors that will come into play before you can get the best carpet for your staircase. For the best carpet deals, you need to consider the following factors:


You obviously don’t want to buy a carpet that will fade or get worn out prematurely in use. Therefore, you need to consider the make of the carpet. The major carpets are made from either nylon or wool. The choice you make should be determined by the different characteristics that surround your carpet use.The two fiber materials are resilient but are quite distinct when it comes to cleaning and abrasions. While wool might absorb water and form some mildew, nylon s resistant and does not pose the same risk. In another case, nylon is also more resistant to abrasions than wool.

Face weight and density

The face weight and density determines the durability of the carpet when in use. The density of the carpet deceptively makes the carpet look much less older than usual carpets. Therefore, you need to ensure that you get a carpet that is denser so that you have your carpet looking new years after purchase. On the other hand, the increased density means an increase in the number of fibers in a given unit area. As such, the probability of fibers wearing out is exponentially reduced. With such understanding, you should look into carets that are dense for better chances of durability.

Style and design of the carpet

The type of mechanism or method used to make up the fibers of the carpet greatly influences the durability of the carpet. This is due to the fact that the design determines the strength of the fiber. For instance, one of the best carpet are the frieze carpets. They are undoubtedly one of the strongest brands in the market at the moment. This is due to the fact the carpet is designed by several twist in the fiber that form curves in their form, as such the fiber is more compact and resilient.

Color of the carpet

The color of the carpet does not actually affect the durability of the carpet in any way, but it does play a very important role in the keeping of the appearance of the carpet at best. In this factor, common sense really plays a big role. It’s basically just the same as how you’d prefer to buy dark colored clothes just because you are lazy to do laundry every other time. The same logic is used here as well. Obviously your feet won’t be clean all the time, therefore, you need to find a carpet color that conceals most of the dirt but at the same time not being too dull.

Possible problems to expect with the use of carpet in your household

Despite the consideration of the above factors, the carpet choice you pick will definitely face certain problems. Some of the problems and solution include:

  • Sprouting tuffs- these should be cut with scissors only to ensure that the fabric is maintained.
  • Shedding of carpet fiber- the shedding will occur severally when you vacuum but it shouldn’t alarm you as the carpet is not significantly wearing out.
  • Pilling- this occurs when small balls form of fiber form on the ball, they can be easily gotten rid of by using scissors.
  • Snags-these occur when objects such as toys pull out the fiber, the situation is also manageable with a pair of scissors.

By now you probably know more about the carpet you are going to buy than the salesman you are probably going to meet. Remember, that your carpet should be fit to withstand the use according to its placement in the house. Good luck and happy time hunting for the right carpet.


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