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How to install wooden stairs

You are probably wondering why you should go on reading this, but before you dismiss this, did you know that installing wooden stairs was a piece of cake? My son can do it with his eyes closed, no kidding. This is a simple article that will guide you on how to install wooden stairs in the simplest way. By the end of it you will be in a position to install wooden floors just like my little man does.

You will also get to know the possible problems you might encounter with the use of wooden stairs and how to solve a few of them. This information is perfectly suitable for new home owners and you. You never know when you might find the knowledge useful, after all, it wouldn’t hurt to know.


Before you get down to business, you first need to get your equipment ready so that you don’t stop in the middle and go looking for a hummer or something else. Some good music could also be a great help when you’re getting into it as well. Some of the tools you will need include:


The materials on the other hand include:

  • Risers
  • Treads
  • Nails
  • Safety glasses
  • Flooring nails
  • Construction adhesive

Step one:

Cut the risers to a reasonable length that you have allocated for your staircase. Ensure you cut each riser individually to ensure that you have the right measurements. In case you make a mistake, you then need to ensure that you compensate by making the tread a little bit oversized, then trim so that they match. Put the riser in place and with the compass at 3/8 apart, scribe along the wall and draw a line on the riser. Cut along the line with a jigsaw on both sides and make similar risers.

Step two:

Nail the riser to the stringers that are available on both sides. Use a hammer and the flooring nails. Ensure the nails are not exposed in any way to avoid any incidences when walking down the stairs.

Step three:

Once you have set the risers, you now need to set the treads.But first you need to trim them to complement the risers perfectly. You need to trim them the same way you trimmed the risers in step one with the compass and jigsaw. It’s advisable to make sure that the treads are one inch overhanging the riser and round edged as well.

Step four:

This is the final step. In this you fix the treads to the step. You first apply the construction adhesive on the step before placing the tread on top. This aims to reduce the squeeze effect of the glue and then clean out the glue that might still get out. Nail down the tread in the same way as before and just like that you have your wooden stairs perfectly installed.

Possible problems

Just like any other household equipment, your stairs will definitely have some challenges. In some cases your staircase might turn out to be quite slippery which is quite dangerous especially if you are as clumsy as I am. You can quickly fix the situation if you carpet the stair case. However, you should take care not to purchase the low quality carpets as they may give up easily. Lastly, you need to ensure that you have used treated wood so that you don’t have to deal with cracks and mold in the long run. Also, use strong paint to ensure that the wood doesn’t discolor that easily.

Choosing staircase designs

The beautiful designs available for you to choose from are amazingly breathtaking. However, you need to ensure that you know how to go about choosing a design to have in your house. Some of the factor to consider include:

  • The cost of the installation
  • Material requirement
  • The safety features of the staircase
  • Space available in your house
  • Building codes and regulations

Wooden staircases are really a good choice for your house as they not only give your house that beautiful natural look, but they are easy to customize and decorate especially during the festive seasons. With such a simple guide am very sure you will consider the idea and possibly invite my kid, he could be a great help. Of course, you’d have to promise him some candy for when he’s done.

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