Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

All vacuums are designed to pick up dirt and debris, so you would expect that pretty much any vacuum you choose would be able to get your home clean. A vacuum is a vacuum, right? Wrong!

Believe it or not, vacuums are actually designed to perform differently. When your goal is to remove the pet hair, dander, fur and/or feathers of a pet, a handheld vacuum with a small motor just isn’t going to do the trick. No matter how well a standard vacuum works, it simply won’t be a match for the hair that is deeply woven into the fibers of your carpets and upholstery, or the dander that lies embedded deep between the slats of your hardwood floors. Why? – Because most standard vacuums are outfitted with a two-part hose and brush mechanism. While the brush may be able to successfully agitate and stir up the standard dirt, dust and debris in your home before it gets sucked up by the hose, it simply can’t stand up to the challenge of removing pet hair, dander and debris. In fact, as the brush of a standard vacuum tries to agitate and stir up your pet’s hair, it may actually drive it down further into the fibers of your carpet and upholstery, and push it further between the slats of your hardwood floors. Your pet’s hair may even become tangled around the head of the brush itself, clogging up the brush and rendering it useless.

In order to successfully tackle cleaning up after your pets, you’re going to need a vacuum with a super strong suction; one that is designed to pull that pet hair, dander, fur and/or feathers from your carpets, hardwood floors, upholstery and any other surface in your home.

Upon starting your quest to find the perfect vacuum for cleaning up pet hair, you may find that you are overwhelmed; and quickly. There are so many vacuums on the market, so you figure that you will narrow your search down by shopping for those that have the word “pet” in their name. However, given the fact that there are literally dozens of vacuums that are designed for cleaning up after pets, narrowing your results and finding the best one for your specific needs can be pretty darn challenging.

While you want your vacuum to perform the primary task you are hoping to achieve – cleaning up the dirt, dust and allergens caused by your pet – you want it to remove other forms of dirt, dust and allergens that linger in your home, too. While a vacuum that is designed to clean up after pets may excel at its job, it may fall short when it comes to other cleaning tasks.

In order to make your task for buying the best vacuum for pets an easier one, we have created a useful guide that discusses the best features that make a pet vacuum stand out from the crown, as well as features that can make it a dud. We will also discuss some of the best vacuums for pets that are currently available, make some great recommendations and provide you with a complete buyer’s guide of the vacuums we strongly recommend.

What You Need to Know

The Good

Purchasing a vacuum that is designed to satisfy your specific needs – cleaning up after your pets and removing the allergens, dirt and debris that they bring into your home – requires careful consideration. In order to ensure that you are buying one that truly suits your cleaning requirements, keep the following features in mind while shopping, as they will truly help the vacuum successfully perform its primary task of cleaning up after your pets, and won’t fall short when cleaning up other dirt and debris in your home.

Key Features of a High Quality Vacuum for Pets

  • Silicone Brushes – A vacuum that is truly specialized for cleaning up after pets will have silicon brushes instead of soft-hair brushes. Pet hair can easily get wrapped around the soft-hair bristles, making it virtually impossible to successfully suck up the hair, but also the dander, dirt and debris your pets bring into the house. Also, when soft-hair bristles are embedded with pet hair, they cannot effectively remove other dirt and debris in your home.

It’s far less difficult for pet hair to get tangled up in silicone brushes, which means that not only will the hair be easier to suck up, but so will other dirt and debris in your home. Also, silicone brushes are far easier to clean than soft-hair brushes. Simply spray some disinfectant and on them and wipe them down to remove any buildup of allergens, dirt and debris, and you’ll be able to keep your home as clean and sanitary as possible.

  • Special Attachments – A top quality vacuum for pets will come with attachments that are specifically designed to make the task of cleaning up after your pets an easier one. A narrow want with an angled end will make it easier to clean those hard to reach areas, such as the corners of stairs and between the cracks and crevices of your couch. A hand-held beater brush with silicone bristles will make cleaning your couches, chairs, curtains and other upholstered items that you cannot physically push your vacuum over, a breeze. Simply attach the beater brush to your hose extension and roll it over your couch or curtains to rid them of pet hair and dander, and other dirt and debris.
  • A Powerful Motor – As previously mentioned, a vacuum needs to have a powerful motor to pick up pet hair and dander that gets embedded in the fibers of your carpets and upholstery, and in between the slats of your hardwood floors. A high-quality vacuum for pets will have a motor that is specifically designed to provide the powerful suction that is needed to clean up after your pets.
  • Enhanced Filtration Systems – One of your primary goals in cleaning up after your pets is to remove the allergens that they can bring into your house. In order to successfully do that, the vacuum must have an enhanced filtration system that can effectively remove dander from the air that the machine expels. If it is lacking an enhanced filtration system, the vacuum may very well be putting that dander and other allergens back into the air inside your home.

These features are what set vacuums for pets apart from the countless other vacuum cleaners on the market. If your machine contains these features you can have confidence knowing that it will provide you with the cleaning power that you are looking for to achieve your vacuuming goals.

The Bad

Not all vacuums are designed to be used for cleaning up after pets. Unfortunately, there are many vacuum cleaners on the market with the word ‘pet’ in their model names, however, some don’t live up to the claims that they make. While they may have a powerful motor and provide adequate suction power to remove the hair, dander and debris left behind by pets, they aren’t equipped with the right type of brushes or come with accessories that make cleaning up after pets an easier task.

As previously mentioned, a key feature to look for when shopping for a vacuum for pets is silicone bristled on the brush of the beater bar and accessories that features bristles. Pet hair is much less likely to become tangled around silicone bristles. If the brush has soft-hair bristles, your pet’s hair is far more likely to become entangled on the bristles, which can not only impact its ability to effectively remove pet hair, dander and other dirt and debris in your house by clogging up the machine and reducing its suction power, but it can also actually spread pet hair, dander and dirt throughout your home. As a result, allergens, dust and dirt are literally spread around your home, not removed from it. Additionally, soft-hair bristles are difficult to clean, which means that the allergens they do pick up can remain trapped within them, thus further spreading the allergens throughout your home. Therefore, they do not truly rid your home of the hair, dander, dirt and debris that you are aiming to clean.

Another issue with some vacuums that are designed for pets is the filtration system. It’s no secret that many people are allergic to pet hair and dander. Vacuuming with a high-quality machine that contains a proper filtration system can significantly reduce the amount of dust that you inhale. In order for a vacuum for pets to be truly effective at reducing allergens, it should be outfitted with an allergen blocking filtration system. Without the proper filtration, the dirt and particles that the vacuum picks up can actually be redistributed into the air, thus rendering your efforts for removing allergens and dust particles useless. Unfortunately, not all vacuums that claim they are designed specifically for cleaning up after pets feature the advanced allergen blocking filtration system that is needed to ensure pet dander and other allergens are not re-circulated back into the air of your home.

A high-quality pet vacuum will also come with a number of accessories. These accessories make it easier for you to clean various surfaces, including your furniture and upholstery, your curtains and blinds, and those hard to reach cracks and crevices; between the heating vents and in the corners of the stairs, for example. There are several vacuums that claim they are designed specifically for cleaning up after pets, however, they do not accommodate extra attachments, or the extra attachments must be purchased for an additional price.

Lastly, while some pet vacuums are good at removing pet hair, dander, dirt and debris from some surfaces, they don’t effectively clean all surface. Many models effectively clean hardwood floors, for example, but they aren’t powerful enough to clean carpets and upholstery. In fact, some of the vacuums for pets on the market actually push the pet hair further into the fibers of carpet and upholstery, making it even more difficult to actually remove the hair.

The best vacuum for pet hair is one that not only has excellent suction power, but also has the proper bristles to ensure pet hair does not get entangled within them and an advanced filtration system to remove the dander and other allergens that is expelled from the air the produce. They are also easy to clean, can handle multiple surfaces, and can effectively clean various types of dirt and debris, not just the hair and dander that your pets leave behind.

Our Best Vacuums for Pet Hair

When searching for the best vacuum for pets, we conducted extensive research and compared virtually every model available on the market. We looked at four different types of vacuums, including uprights, canisters, handhelds and sticks, and compared the product details and reviews. Our research allowed us to narrow down the top three vacuums for pets in the aforementioned categories (uprights, canisters, handhelds and sticks.) Below, you will find detailed information about our top picks in each of these categories.

Best Upright Vacuums for Pet Hair

Owner Rating
5 Star Rating
item weight
Soniclean Galaxy
8.2 (80+ reviews)
68% Users
Zenith Technologies
Check Price
Shark Rotator Liftaway
9.0 (500+ reviews)
66% Users
Check Price
Hoover T Series
8.0 (4100+ reviews)
51% Users
Check Price

An upright vacuum is exactly what the name suggests; it is a vacuum contains all of its essential components – the motor, the bag or dirt cup, and the beater brush – right in one neat, tidy, upright compartment. To use an upright vacuum, simply unplug it, turn it on, unlock the handle and push. Because the components are all contained in a single unit, an upright vacuum is particularly easy to use, making it one of the most preferred vacuums on the market.

Through our research, we concluded that the three following upright vacuums are the best for pets.

Soniclean Galaxy Upright Vacuum Cleaner / Handheld Combo Review

The best vacuum for pets doesn’t always have to contain the word ‘pet’ in the product name, and the Soniclean Galaxy Upright Vacuum Cleaner / Handheld Combo clearly illustrates that point. The first and only vacuum cleaner to be outfitted with Sonic Cleaning Technology, this vacuum features a sonic bar behind the roll brush that produces an incredible 200 vibrations per second that, quite literally, gives you the ultimate clean. It also boasts a separate handheld canister vacuum, you truly get the ultimate cleaning package with this machine.

Its powerful motor and incredible suction power allows it to tackle any type of mess with ease, including:

  • Pet hair
  • Pet dander
  • Ground-in dirt
  • Deeply embedded dust

And so much more!

There isn’t any type of mess that can stand up to the cleaning power of this vacuum. The cleaning power lies in the patented sonic technology. Because it creates 200 sonic vibrations per second, it loosens even the deepest, most ground in dirt and dust, and then sucks it up with its direct air Paragmagnetic motor, which offers exceptional suction and delivers consistent results.

The Soniclean Galaxy Upright Vacuum Cleaner / Handheld Combo also features Seal-Tech HEPA filter bags. These filter bags provide 99.97 percent filtration at 0.3 microns, which means that you can rest assured the dander and other allergens your pets bring into your home – as well as all other types of allergens – will be removed from the air and won’t be filtered back into it.

The design of this vacuum also makes it a powerful machine. It actually lies flat to the floor, which means that you can easily reach under chairs, tables, beds and other low-lying furniture without having to worry about moving them. With two separate modes – carpets and hard floors – you can be sure that all of the floors in your home receive a thorough cleaning.

When you want to clean your stairs, furniture or even your car, but don’t want to worry about lugging a heavy vacuum behind you, simply switch to the handheld canister vacuum. It provides the same powerful cleaning power as the upright vacuum, but in a smaller, more compact and lightweight package. Also, it should be noted that the upright vacuum itself is easy to contend with. AT only 10.5 pounds, the upright vacuum is extremely lightweight and very easy to handle. It also comes complete with several attachments, including a crevice tool, a dust brush, and an upholstery tool, which allows you to thoroughly clean even those areas that are the hardest to reach.

With the Soniclean Galaxy Upright Vacuum Cleaner / Handheld Canister Combo, you can be sure that your home – and even your car – will be thoroughly cleaned of your pet’s hair and dander.

Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum (NV502) Review

Outfitted with a cyclonic filtration technology and a powerful motor and incredible suction power, the Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum (NV502) is yet another powerful vacuum cleaner for contending with the messes that pets make.

The cyclonic filtration system filters intake air through a series of conical filters that actually trap through via centrifugal forces. It also boasts an anti-allergen complete seal technology, which traps more than 99.9 percent of the dust and allergens the vacuum sucks up, which means that you can be sure that the air in your home not only smells fresher, but that it is actually cleaner to breathe. And, when you want to empty out and clean the dirt cup and the filter, you’ll have no problem at all. Just unlock the dirt cup and the filter, remove it from the vacuum and clean.

The Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum (NV502) boasts that it never loses suction, and this claim is completely true. After being extensively tested on several surfaces and after sucking up various types of debris, this vacuum really does hold its suction power. That means that you never have to worry about your vacuum losing its ability to pull up pet hair, dander, dirt and any other type of debris you are trying to clean up. It will always whisk away the dirt it breaks down, thanks to its powerful suction.

This vacuum is also smartly designed with enhanced swivel steering, which provides you with ultimate control while you are vacuuming around any obstacle that may get in your way, including large pieces of furniture and small toys. And, while the motor is extremely powerful, it’s also very quiet, which means that you can clean anywhere, anytime, without having to worry about the loud, obtrusive motor that so many vacuums are notorious for.

When you want to clean your stairs, your furniture, your curtains or even on top of your cabinets, you will have no problem with the Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum. Simply detach the canister and you have an upright vacuum turned handheld vacuum in a matter of seconds. You can easily tote the lightweight canister around to wherever you want to clean. The long cord also adds to the ease of reaching those tough to clean spots.

This vacuum also comes complete with attachment tools, including a crevice tool, an upholster tool and a dust brush, so you can get all of those surfaces in your home clean in a flash.

Hoover T-Series Wind Tunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum Review

Not only is the Hoover T-Series Wind Tunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Vacuum exceptional for tackling the messes your pets make, but it is also a breeze to use. Thanks to the fold down handle, storing this vacuum is a snap, making it ideal if you are limited on storage space. You will also love the automatic rewind cord, which quickly and neatly winds the extra long 27 foot cord right back inside the unit, which means you never have to worry about wrapping up the cord when you are done vacuuming. Talk about convenience!

Of course, the fold down handle and the automatic rewind cord aren’t the only features that make the Hoover Wind Tunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Vacuum amazing. The powerful motor delivers an incredible 12 amps of power, which means that you can be sure that you will always have the suction power you need to tackle even the biggest of messes. This vacuum is also outfitted with a HEPA and carbon filter, which remove and trap more than 99 percent of the allergens it sucks up. The system check indicators will alert you when the filters need to be cleaned. Simply remove the filters and rinse them to ensure this vacuum is always giving you a thorough cleaning.

If you have different surfaces in your home that need cleaning, the Hoover T-Series Wind Tunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Vacuum can easily handle the transition. All you have to do is click the brush roll shut off pedal when you are ready to go from a carpet to a hard surface and the vacuum will automatically adjust. Click it back on when you want the roller brush to turn back on. This machine also boasts a 5 position carpet height adjustment, allowing you to clean all types of carpets, from the deepest pile to the shallowest. If your pet likes to sit on your furniture, you will love the Air Powered Pet Handle Tool. This tool is specifically designed to rid upholstery of pet hair and dander, thanks to the silicone bristles; and, it is extremely easy to clean, too.

Thanks to Hoover’s patented WindTunnel technology, there is never any need to worry about losing suction. This vacuum always delivers powerful suction that will trap and channel dirt directly into the easy to remove and easy to clean dirt cup. It also helps to minimize the scatter of any debris, a problem that many vacuums have.

The Best Canister Vacuums for Pets

Owner Rating
5 Star Rating
item weight
Eureka Mighty Mite
7.8 (1100+ reviews)
51% Users
8.6 LBS
Check Price
Soniclean Floor
8.4 (50+ reviews)
61% Users
Zenith Technologies
Check Price
Prolux Tritan
8.4 (100+ reviews)
58% Users
Check Price

A canister vacuum has two parts; the head, which contains the beater bar and is the device that is used for cleaning, and the canister, which collects the dirt and debris. The canister vacuum usually provides more suction power for carpets and is easier to push because it doesn’t require you to push the entire vacuum, making it much lighter.

We reviewed countless canister vacuums, and based on our research, we found that the following three are the absolute best to use for cleaning up after pets.

Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum with Pet Attachments – 3684F Review

One of the most important components to consider when choosing a vacuum for pets is the filtration system. With a HEPA filter that capture more than 99.7 percent of pet dander and dust, the Eureka Mighty Might Canister Vacuum with Pet Attachments provides you with the powerful filtration you need to ensure your home is free from the allergens your pets can bring in.

Of course, the powerful HEPA filter isn’t the only thing that makes this an ideal vacuum for pets. It also features an Arm and Hammer odor-eliminating dust bag, which is ideal for eliminating the odors that are often associated with pets. Say goodbye to that wet dog smell and hello to a home that smells nice and fresh!

Thanks to the 20 foot cord, you won’t have to worry about constantly unplugging this vacuum and looking for new outlets to use. You will have tons of distance and reach! The telescoping wand makes it extremely easy to get around those virtually any obstacle, from large pieces of furniture to small doggy toys. And, the beater bar easily accommodates a wide variety of surfaces, including deep piled carpets and hardwood floors.

Tucked inside the lightweight canister is a 12 amp motor, which provides exceptional power and suction capabilities. The Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum also comes with a number of on-board attachments, including an attachment that is specifically designed to tackle pet hair that is often difficult to contend with and is great for cleaning your fabric and upholstery. Other attachments include a crevice tool and a dusting tool, so you can be sure that your house will be well cleaned. And, because this canister vacuum is so lightweight (a mere 8.6 pounds,) you can clean your stairs and other hard to reach places with total ease.

Soniclean Bare Floor Pro Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Thanks to the Sonic Cleaning Technology, this vacuum features a sonic bar behind the roll brush that produces an incredible 200 vibrations per second. You won’t believe the amount of cleaning power you will have with the Soniclean Bare Floor Pro Canister Vacuum Cleaner. Add to that the fact that the variable speed motor delivers an incredible 1150 watts of power and you have professional grade power and suction right at your fingertips.

In addition to offering incredible suction capabilities, this vacuum also outfitted with a sealed HEPA filter, which provides 99.97 percent filtration at 0.3 mircons. That means that you can rest assured that the dander and other allergens the Soniclean Bare Floor Pro Canister Vacuum Cleaner sucks up will remain inside and won’t be put back into your home.

While the motor is unbelievably powerful, it operates extremely quietly, so you can easily operate it without having to worry about interrupting anyone else in your home (like a sleeping puppy, perhaps.) The 31 foot cord provides you with maximum reach, enabling you to clean a large area without having to worry about unplugging and constantly finding new outlets. And, when you are done cleaning up after your pets, the cord automatically rewinds for easy, hassle-free storage. And, let’s not forget to mention the hose! Providing a 360 degree rotation, the hose is specifically designed to making cleaning an absolute breeze.

Thanks to the rubber wheels, you never have to worry about damaging the hard surfaces that you bring this vacuum across. And, it also automatically adjusts to clean any surface in your home, from those deep pile carpets to your hardwood and tile floors. You can even use it to clean your antique furniture!

A number of attachments are also included and neatly stored right on board the Soniclean Floor Pro Canister Vacuum Cleaner, including a crevice tool, an upholstery brush and a dust brush, so you can clean any surface in your home with absolute ease.

Prolux Tritan Pet Turbo Canister Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Sealed Filtration Review

Specifically designed to give all types of flooring a powerful and deep clean, the Prolux Trian Pet Turbo Canister Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Sealed Filtration is the only tool you will need to clean every surface in your home. This powerful canister vacuum can easily transition from carpets and rugs, to hardwood floors and tiles. The 12 amp deep cleaning motor offers and absolutely incredible 107 cubic feet per minute of air flow suction and 100 inches of water lift suction that can suck up any type of mess, from shedding pet hair to cat litter and so much more!

Outfitted with an array of tools, which are neatly and conveniently stored right on board, you will find that cleaning any space in your home is a dream come true with the Prolux Tritan Pet Turbon Canister Vacuum with HEPA Sealed Filtration. On board tools include:

  • A crevice tool
  • A duster tool
  • An upholstery tool
  • A Combi Floor tool – a tool that is specifically designed for use on floors. Simply push a button and the bristles that are intended to give your hard floors a deep cleaning will retract so you can easily clean your carpets and rugs.

As if all of these features weren’t enough, the Prolux Tritan Pet Turbo Canister Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Sealed Filtration Vacuum also boasts a unique Air drive power nozzle that can pick up even the heaviest and most ground-in messes with ease.

If you suffer from allergies, you will really love the filtration system that this vacuum is outfitted with. Once the dirt, dust, debris and other allergens are sucked up, they will remain inside the vacuum, instead of being spewed back out into the air, like so many other vacuums tend to do. Debris and allergens are sucked up into a pre-filter and then a Sealed HEPA filter, allowing only clean air to exit the vacuum.

To ensure this machine remains protected, should the bag or hose become clogged, a motor by pass valve will open up, which protects the motor from burning up.

With a 23 foot retractable cord, a 6 food hose and a 36 inch extendable wand, you will have an incredible 32 food cleaning radius with the Prolux Tritain. An adjustable power knob makes it possible to easily adjust the power from full power for your deep cleaning needs, to quite delicate vacuuming for your light cleaning, like dusting, this vacuum truly is the perfect tool for all of your cleaning needs.

Best Handheld Vacuums for Pets

Owner Rating
5 Star Rating
item weight
Bissell cordless handheld
8.6 (300+ reviews)
Check Price
Black & Deck2020
8.4 (600+ reviews)
58% Users
Black & Decker
Check Price
Shark Cordless
7.6 (2800+ reviews)
49% Users
Shark N
Check Price

While an upright or a canister vacuum is ideal for cleaning a large area rug or a room with wall-to-wall carpet, they aren’t ideal for every cleaning job. For those times when you just have a small area to clean up, an upright or canister can be too big, bulky and heavy. For those times, a handheld vacuum is a much better option. Lighter, smaller and easier to transport, a handheld vacuum is the perfect option for those small messes, or for the spaces where your larger vacuum just can’t reach.

Just like upright and canister vacuums, there are tons of handheld vacuums on the market. We’ve scoured the web and have done some extensive research to find the best handheld vacuum for pets. Here are our top three recommendations.

Bissell Best Hand Vac Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

Does your pet enjoy taking rides in your car? Does he like to lounge across your couch? Do you have a small space, like the area in front of a litter box, to clean up? If so, then the Bissell Best Hand Vac Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect option for you.

What really sets this handheld vacuum apart from the crows is the detachable motorized brush and the specialized pet tools. The motorized brush and the felt and detachable brush captures even the most embedded pet hair and ground in dirt with ease.

The Bissell Best Hand Vac Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Handheld Vacuum also features a multi-layer filtration system, which helps to trap allergens, like pet hair and dander into the machine so that it won’t be released through the expelled air. Because it’s cordless, you don’t have to worry about contending with a messy, tangled cord, and you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet to power this handheld pet vacuum. The extended battery life also ensures that you have plenty of cleaning time without needing to recharge. It’s the perfect tool for cleaning up those small messes, like kitty litter or a dog food spill, or those hard to reach spaces, like between the heating vents or the seats of your car. Super easy to operate and extremely lightweight, the Bissell Best Hand Vac Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is an ideal addition to your cleaning arsenal.

Black and Decker BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum with Stick Vacuum Floor Head and Pet Hair Brush

If you are looking for an all-in-one cordless vacuum, then you have finally found it! The Black and Decker BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum with Stick Vacuum Floor Head and Pet Hair Brush packs all of the cleaning power you could ever want or need into one neat, compact, lightweight machine. With this vacuum, you will be able to clean every surface in your home, from the ceiling to the floor and everything in between. As a handheld, the four foot extendable hose make it so easy to clean your car, your stairs and other hard to reach places, or to clean up those tiny messes. When you have a bigger mess to contend with, attach the stick vac attachment, complete with a pivoting floor head, or the pet brush attachment to clean up that pet hair that is deeply embedded in your carpet. Because this handheld vacuum offers you the option to turn it into a stick vacuum, it really is a highly powerful and multi-functional tool.

In addition to having the option to use it as a handheld or a stick vacuum, the Black and Decker BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum with Stick Vacuum Floor Head and Pet Hair Brush is so easy to use and extremely easy to clean. Outfitted with a removable, washable dirt cup and filter, cleaning this vacuum and ensuring that it is sanitary is a cinch. A charging base, complete with tool storage for the flip-up dusting brush, the crevice tool, the pet brush and the stick vac attachment with pivoting floor head makes it so easy to keep the machine neatly stored away when not in use, but ensures that all of the components are within easy reach when you need them.

The cyclonic action and the super strong suction action of the 20 volt MAX lithium hand vac gives this vacuum the power that is needed to contend with even the biggest of messes. The cyclonic action actually spins dirt away from the filter, which helps maintain its performance; however, the three stage filtration system traps dust and debris inside, preventing them from escaping the exhaust.

Whether you are cleaning your ceiling fans, the tops of your cabinets, your stairs, your car or your floor, you can count on the Black and Decker BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum with Stick Vacuum Floor Head and Pet Hair Brush to keep any space clean and tidy, and free from the hair, dander and other allergens and messes your pets leave behind.

Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Hand Vac (SV75Z) Review

When your dog gets up from the couch and leaves a pile of hair behind, or after your cat uses the litter box and leaves a pile of litter on the floor, you don’t really want to pull out your big upright or canister vacuum; however, you want a machine that you can count on to clean up the mess with ease. Enter the Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Hand Vac (SV75Z.)

A lightweight, portable, highly powerful handheld vacuum, this small, yet mighty machine is the answer to your cleaning prayers. At just 3.6 pounds, you can easily take this handheld vacuum anywhere you need to clean; your stairs, your couch, that small mess on your kitchen floor, your car, or even your boat. A 15.6 volt rechargeable battery provides you with plenty of long lasting power and relieves the need to contend with getting tangled in a cord or fining an outlet to plug into.

The Shark Cordless Perfect Hand Vac features a detachable motorized brush that is designed to remove deeply embedded pet hair and ground in dirt from carpets, upholstery, car mats and car seats. It also comes with a crevice tool attachment, which makes it easy to clean those hard to reach areas, like between the cracks of the seats in your car or the corners of your stairs. When you want to have direct suction action, use it without any of the attachment tools and you will be amazed by how powerful this little handheld vacuum is.

All of these features, plus a supersized dust cup and a washable filter that traps in allergens and prevents them from exhausting through the vacuum and you have yourself the ultimate small, yet mighty cleaning machine.

The Best Stick Vacuums for Pet Hair

Owner Rating
5 Star Rating
item weight
Shark Navigator
8.4 (2800+ reviews)
64% Users
Shark Ninja
Check Price
Bissell Power Edge
8.6 (5600+ reviews)
62% Users
Check Price
Hoover Linx
8.4 (7900+ reviews)
67% Users
Check Price

For those times when you don’t need to do a heavy cleaning, but you just want to tidy up, a stick vacuum is an excellent alternative to your upright or canister vacuum. These lightweight vacuums don’t pack the same power as a full-sized vacuum cleaner, however, they do provide just the right amount of power that you need to remove loose surface dust, small messes and stray float away hairs that your pet may leave behind on low pile carpets and hard floor surfaces.

After extensively researching countless stick vacuums, we have narrowed down the top three picks to clean up after pets.

Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106) Review

For those times when Fido leaves some kibble on the floor, or your kitty leaves a small pile of hair behind after lounging on the carpet, the Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum is an excellent tool for keeping things neat and tidy.

This stick vacuum is designed to provide fast and convenient cleaning on all types of surfaces, including hardwood floors, tiles and low-pile carpets. It boasts exceptional cleaning power and powerful suction to make cleaning up after your pet a breeze. And, because it’s cordless and has an extended battery run time between charges, you can have confidence knowing that this little, yet powerful vacuum will be ready to go when you need it.

Advanced swivel steering is what really makes the Shark Navigator Freestyle Premium Cordless Stick Vacuum so unique. The swivel steering makes it so easy to control this vacuum and maneuver it around your furniture and any other objects that might get in its way. It also has a powerful motorized brush that actually lifts the embedded pet hair up and out of your carpets, making it the perfect option for anyone who has a furry friend in the house.

Thanks to the extra large dust cup, this stick vacuum holds more dirt and debris than the average stick vacuum, which means that you don’t have to empty it as frequently. The charging base also makes it so easy to ensure this stick vacuum is neatly stored away when it isn’t in use, and that it is powered up when you need it.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner (BH50010) Review

Hoover has finally done it! They have finally brought their patented Wind Tunnel Technology to a lightweight, convenient and easy to use stick vacuum! The Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (BH50010) provides you with the powerful cleaning power you need between the heavier cleanings that you use your upright or canister vacuum for.

The Wind Tunnel Technology gives this stick vacuum superior suction power, making it an excellent choice for sucking up small messes and even larger, more ground in dirt, debris and pet hair from your low-pile carpets and hard floor surfaces.

An interchangeable 18-volt lithium ion battery ups the convenience factor, providing you with a constant supply of power. Should one battery start to lose power in the middle of cleaning, simply switch it out for the other battery and you are back in business! The motorized power brush can be easily turned off with just a flip of a switch, allowing you to clean your bare floors without having to worry about scuffing them up. And, because the nozzle is an incredible 11 inches wide, you can pick up even your large dog’s kibble with complete ease.

Trying to free the dirt, debris and pet hair from the spaces between the floor and walls can be a challenge. Thanks to the Edge Cleaning Bristles, the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum takes on that challenging, difficult to clean space with ease.

A powerful, 12 amp motor and removable brushes gives you the power and the versatility you need to clean all types of surfaces. Because it has such a low profile base, this stick vacuum easily glides under tables, chairs, couches and any other low-lying furniture you may have in your house. And, when you have finished using this stick vacuum, emptying it out is no problem. Just hold the bottom release dirt cup over a garbage, press the button, and voila! – Your dirt cup is cleaned out and ready to collect the next mess.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Vacuum for Pets

While we have suggested the three best vacuums for pets in all four vacuum categories, you may still be wondering which one will best suit your specific needs. To that end, we have come up with a handy buyer’s guide that will help you narrow down the choices so that you can choose the best one for your cleaning needs.

Before you start shopping, keep on reading to find some invaluable information that will help you choose the best vacuum for pet hair for you, your family, your pets and your home.

Things to Consider

Purchasing the best vacuum for pets that is truly suited to your specific wants and needs really requires some careful consideration. This should not be an impulse purchase, but rather one that you take your time really researching to ensure you get the one that will actually do the job that you need it to do.

Before you purchase a vacuum for pet hair, you really need to take the following into consideration:

How big is the space you will be cleaning?

  • You want to make sure that you buy a vacuum that is big enough to properly clean the space you intend to use it for. For instance, if your space is large, you will need a vacuum that can quickly cover a lot of area and that can hold a lot of dirt and debris. This will reduce your cleaning time and require you to empty the storage cup or dirt bag less frequently. An upright model is an excellent choice for a large space, as is a canister vacuum.

If the space is smaller, like an apartment or a small house, you won’t need to have as much storage capacity for the dirt and debris you will be collecting; however, you will need to consider your storage space and the amount of room you have to push the vacuum around in. A smaller machine, like a stick vacuum or a smaller canister model, or even a handheld model may be the best option for you.

What will you be using the vacuum to clean?

Will you be using your vacuum to clean carpet? Hard floors? Curtains? Upholstery? Your car? Or, will you be using it to clean all of these things?

What you will be cleaning is a very important factor that you need to take into consideration when purchasing a vacuum for pet hair. Why? – Because different vacuums are suited for different surfaces, and some are designed to clean a variety of surfaces.

If your entire house is carpeted, or all of the floors are covered in hardwood, then your choice for your vacuum for pet hair is pretty simple and straightforward; you just have to purchase one that is designed to clean that particular surface.

However, if your house boasts a combination of surfaces, such as area rugs, carpets, hardwood floors, tiles and even linoleum, you are going to have to look for a high-quality vacuum that is designed to clean all of these surfaces, and that can clean each surface as well as the next.

You should also consider any other areas you may want to clean with your vacuum, not just floors; upholstered furniture and curtains, for example, or perhaps your car or RV. The models we recommended above come complete with a variety of attachments and accessories that will allow you to tackle these specialized extra areas with ease; however, you may want to purchase an additional handheld vacuum in addition to a more powerful upright or canister to clean these smaller spaces. A handheld vacuum is lighter and easier to transport, plus, they can also boast extra attachments that can make cleaning other surfaces even easier.

Is a full-sized or a handheld vacuum a better option for your pet cleaning needs?

Pet owners know that it can be nearly impossible to prevent their pets from getting into certain spaces; their couch or bed, for example. As such, pet hair can often be found covering everything from your upholstered sofa to your duvet cover, as well as your carpets and floors.

Because you may need to clean a variety of surfaces to rid them of pet hair and dander, you really want to choose a vacuum cleaner that has the ability to clean all areas that may be impacted by your pet. In order to achieve your goal, you will first have to decide if a full-sized machine or a smaller, more portable vacuum cleaner is the best option for you.

A full-sized upright or a canister vacuum will provide you with exceptional suction power and can also come with an array of features, such as extension arms and extra brushes (like the ones we listed above;) however, these larger vacuums aren’t very portable. If you are going to be cleaning your couches, your bet, or your car a lot, a portable handheld vacuum may be a better option for you than a full-sized upright or canister vacuum. If you are going to opt for a portable vacuum, do keep in mind that you want to choose one that has a strong enough motor and enough power to thoroughly clean up the messes that your pet leaves behind.

If you are going to be cleaning a large space, then a full-size vacuum is likely the best option for you; however, do keep in mind that a canister vacuum tends to provide a bit more convenience and maneuverability than an upright vacuum, but, they usually aren’t as powerful as an upright, in regard to pure suction power.

Does it come with extra features and attachments?

Features and attachments may not be on the forefront of your mind when shopping for a vacuum for pets; however, they should be. Why? – Because they can be incredibly useful and can make cleaning even easier and more thorough.

Some features and attachments are designed to make it easier to access hard to reach areas, like crevices between sofas and chairs, or the vents on heating registers, and some features and attachments are even specifically designed to take on the challenge that pet hair often presents.

Some of the handiest features and attachments that we mentioned in the vacuums we recommended above include:

  • A crevice toolThis accessory makes it easier to suck up dirt, dust and pet hair from those tight, hard to reach spots that you probably won’t be able to reach otherwise with your vacuum. Thanks to the long, thin, angled shape, this accessory easily slips into the back of sofa cushions, in radiators, and along baseboards.
  • An upholstery tool This accessory is specially designed to help you clean upholstered furniture, bedding and even mattresses. It features a wide base and has a fabric strip that is designed to attract lint, making it easier to clean fabrics.
  • An extension tool This accessory is designed to give you more reach, which makes it easier to clean corners, ceilings and even behind appliances.
  • A dusting tool This accessory features bristles, which make it easier to remove dust from areas that are more likely to collect dirt, dust and debris, including bookcases, windowsills and blinds.
  • A beater bar brush This attachment gives you a beater bar right in your hand. It can be used to reach clean harder to reach parts of your carpet, or it may be featured as an accessory on vacuums that are intended to clean hardwood floors.
  • A hardwood floor brush This tool is particularly helpful for ridding hardwood and tiled floors from dust.
  • A ceiling fan and blind attachment This attachment is angled like a golf putter. It can easily take on the dust and debris that builds up on your ceiling fans and blinds.

Is a bagged or bagless model better for you?

Bagless models seem to be all the rage in the world of vacuums in recent years; however, the traditional bagged models do still exist, and they can be very useful, depending on your specific needs.

A bagless vacuum is usually easier to empty than a bagged model because you won’t have to worry about struggling with the bag and making a mess with it. You also won’t have to worry about buying replacement bags. Another benefit is that bagless models are also usually clear, which means that you can see how much dirt is in the cup so you know when it’s time to clean it out.

However, if you like the idea of having the dirt and debris you suck up being stored and contained in a bag that you can easily dispose of, then a bagged model is a better option for you. When it’s time to empty out a bagged vacuum, you don’t have to worry about inhaling and dust, dirt or debris, or having anything spill and making another mess. This could be of particular importance if you suffer from allergies. Also, bagged models don’t have to be cleaned as frequently as bagless vacuums because the dirt, debris and dust is neatly contained inside the bag. However, on the downside, you can’t see when the bag is full, and you will have to constantly purchase replacement bags.

A corded or a cordless vacuum?

Whether a cordless or a corded vacuum is the right option for you is really a matter of personal preference. There are benefits to both:

  • Corded vacuums Corded vacuums usually have better suction power than cordless models. Why? – Because they don’t have a battery stored inside like cordless models o, which leaves more room for the motor. Plus, when the motor is directly connected to the mains, it tends to be more powerful. With that said, corded vacuums may be a better option if you have a larger space that needs to be cleaned, or if you have a pet that sheds a significant amount and a powerful vacuum with powerful suction is needed to effectively pick up the hair.
  • Cordless vacuumsA cordless model is an option to consider if you are someone who doesn’t want to be attached to an outlet all the time and wants to have unlimited reach. Because cordless vacuums feature batteries that can be recharged, there is no need to plug them in, unplug them and search for an outlet when you need to move. Cordless vacuums also tend to be smaller than corded models, so they may be easier to store. However, do keep in mind that cordless vacuums aren’t as powerful corded models, and they need to be recharged. As such, you may not have the suction power that you need, and you may run out of power while you are in the midst of vacuuming. Or, the vacuum may not be fully charged and ready to use, which could pose a problem when you have an unexpected mess to clean up (like a spilled pile of dog food or kitty litter to clean up).

Other Considerations

In addition to the above-mentioned features and accessories, there are a few additional factors that you should take into consideration when shopping for a vacuum for pets. These factors include:

  • The length of the hose the longer the reach, the easier it will to get into those hard to reach place
  • Ease of usethe easier the vacuum is to maneuver, the easier it will be to get around and under objects, like chairs tables and couches.
  • The weight This is particularly important if you have difficulties with mobility, or if you don’t feel like wrestling with a heavy machine.
  • Capacity How much dirt and debris will it hold? The capacity will impact how much you need to empty your vacuum.

Best Vacuum for Pets Brands

There are tons of vacuum manufacturers on the market; however, here is a look at the brands that create the best, the highest quality and the most durable vacuums for pets:

  • Hoover – Hoover has long been a trusted manufacturer of all types of vacuums, including vacuums that are specifically designed for cleaning up after pets. Their patented Wind Tunnel Technology makes their vacuums particularly powerful for contending with the messes that pets create, including hair, dander, food, litter, and so forth.
  • Soniclean Vacuums manufactured by Soniclean boast the signature Sonic technology, which creates an unbelievable 200 vibrations per second, thus allowing it to clean deeply embedded pet hair and ground in dirt. They also feature Seal-Tech HEPA filters, which lock in up to 99.97 percent of the allergens these vacuums pick up.
  • Shark – Many of the vacuums that Shark make are guaranteed never to lose suction, which makes them a great choice for cleaning up pet hair. They also boast Anti-Allegen Complete Seal Technology, which traps more than 99.9 percent of dust and allergens inside these machines.
  • Bissell – Bissell has long been a leading name in the vacuum industry. They manufacture many vacuums that are specifically designed for cleaning up after pets, and they can remove embedded hair and dirt from carpets and upholstery. Some of their vacuums even features specialized odor eliminators and filters that trap allergens inside the machine, and also eliminate pet odors that can build up within the vacuum.
  • Eureka – Another top manufacturer of pet vacuums is Eureka. This company creates machines that offer high powered suction and filters that eliminate as much as 99 percent of the dust and allergens that can be found within your home.
  • Prolux Yet another manufacturer of high-quality vacuums that can effectively tackle the messes that pets leave behind, including pet hair, dander, dirt and debris. They offer HEPA filters, which reduce the amount of allergens in your home, and they also boast powerful motors that create strong suction power to handle the messes pets make.

Best Vacuums for Pets FAQ

You may find that you have specific questions when you are shopping for a vacuum for pets. Here is a look at some frequently asked questions that may help you better select a vacuum for your specific needs.

My floors are mostly wood and/or tile. What type of vacuum would work the best for cleaning up after pets?

Cleaning up after pets in a home that has mostly hard floors is much easier. A good quality canister vacuum or even a handheld vacuum would work well. Do remember to choose a vacuum that won’t damage your hard floor surfaces. Also, if you have area rugs, a vacuum that contains a bristle brush with a beater bar will help you keep your rugs clean.

What type of vacuum would work best if my house is mostly carpeted? 

Either a powerful canister or an upright vacuum is the best option for a house that is mostly carpeted. Choose one that can handle different piles of carpet, should you have different carpeting or rugs in your home. Also, you want to make sure that the vacuum has powerful suction so that it can reach down deep into the carpet and pull out pet hair and dander. You might also want to consider extra attachments, like a crevice tool and an upholstery brush, or carpet bristles that can be turned off so that you can clean any hard surfaces you may have.

I have a combination of hard floors and carpeting in my house. What type of vacuum should I choose? 

Your best bet is to choose a powerful upright or canister vacuum that is designed to clean both types of flooring. A beater brush, for example, will help to remove the hair from your carpets, but make sure that this feature can be turned off so that you don’t damage your hardwood floors. Alternatively, you could consider a vacuum that features a special attachment that is specially designed to clean hardwood floors.

My pet is afraid of loud noises, including vacuums. Are there any vacuums that don’t make a lot of noise? 

Yes, there are! Look for a vacuum that has a whisper quiet motor. There are several vacuums on the market that have motors that operate much quieter than your standard vacuum, yet still provide powerful suction. This allows you to effectively clean up after your pets while protecting their sensitive ears from the loud noises they find frightening.

Are attachments really important? 

That depends on your preferences and what you intend on using your vacuum for. If you are going to use it to clean a variety of surfaces, than yes, attachments can simplify your cleaning. They make it easier to reach certain spaces and provide certain features that are specialized to pick up certain types of dirt, dust, debris and even pet hair. Generally speaking, if you want to get the most out of your vacuum, attachments are definitely the way to go.

Is advanced filtration really important?  

While the majority of vacuums boast decent filtration systems, if you are cleaning up after pets, you really do want to make sure that you pick a vacuum that has an advanced filtration system. The more allergens the system holds in, the less allergens will be expelled back into your home while you are vacuuming. This is of particular importance if you suffer from allergies; however, even if allergies aren’t an issue for you, an advanced filtration system can help to rid your home of pet hair, dander and other allergens that visitors may be allergic to.

Does a higher price tag mean a better quality vacuum?  

No, not necessarily. There are plenty of vacuums on the market that have high price tags that don’t provide nearly the same power and efficiency as less expensive models. For example, we found that one of the most expensive vacuums on the market doesn’t come close to many less expensive models that we have reviewed. This does go to show you that spending more doesn’t always mean you are getting the best quality. To that end, make sure you do your due diligence and thoroughly research the vacuum you are interested in buying before you make your purchase. Make sure it offers the features that you need to meet your specific cleaning needs.

Take the information listed in this in-depth buyer’s guide into consideration before you purchase your vacuum for pet hair. It will truly help you find the best machine for your particular needs and ensure that it will provide you with the cleaning power that you need to rid your home of pet hair, dander, dirt and debris, as well as various other forms of dirt and debris that collect inside your house that doesn’t come from your pets.